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Expert Tips for Properly Changing Your HVAC Filter

Changing a filter may be a basic HVAC maintenance task, but it’s one that leaves no room for error. Any mistake can leave your heating and cooling equipment defenseless against airborne contaminants, causing sensitive components of your furnace or air conditioner to fail more quickly.

Variable-Speed Technology: Why Should You Care About It?

Variable-speed technology is one of the innovations that has reinvented air conditioners. Unlike its predecessors, it modulates compressor capacity, allowing the motor to slow down or speed up in response to the thermostat’s demands.

A Closer Look at IKEA® GUNRID Air-Purifying Curtains

Many people think of air pollution such as smog as something that’s only present in the outdoors. They don’t realize that the air they’re breathing in their homes is often much worse. Dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and other contaminants can get trapped indoors, which can affect their health and well-being.

4 Ways to Optimize Your HVAC System for Warmer Weather

An increase in utility bills is one of the most common homeowner concerns as the weather becomes warmer. Birdwell Heating and Cooling lists the ways you can optimize your heating and cooling system to help minimize its impact on your home’s energy consumption.

How Your HVAC System Can Help You Sleep Better

People who have sleeping problems will resort to various remedies to try to find rest, from extended runs to exhaust themselves to taking sleeping pills. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep every night, the right temperature settings for your heating and cooling system may be just the solution you need. Birdwell Heating and Cooling … Continued

How to Take Control of the Climate in Your Garage

The garage is often one of the busiest areas of the house, especially since this is where the car and other essential tools and items frequently needed around the house are kept. You might even keep your pets in there, too. For these reasons, it only makes sense to incorporate climate control options for the … Continued

3 Major Benefits of UV Lights in an HVAC Setup

Ultraviolet light is perceived by many to be harmful to our skin. Did you know, however, that UV light has its benefits? When integrated into your heating and cooling system, it can help improve the quality of your air at home and the efficiency of your home’s ventilation.

Your Checklist for Preparing for Spring HVAC Maintenance

In addition to cleaning up your house in preparation for spring, you should also look into scheduling the maintenance of your cooling and heating unit. To prepare for spring maintenance of your HVAC system, here’s a checklist you can use as a guide.

4 Ideal Ways to Hide Away Your HVAC System

Heating and cooling systems are essential in today’s homes, but unfortunately they’re not always a welcome sight, especially in the main living area. If you’re a bit self-conscious of how a conspicuous HVAC unit might look to your house guests, or if it’s an eyesore that doesn’t match your interior decor, you might want to consider … Continued

Puron Advance™: An Innovative, Sustainable Solution

Carrier®, one of the leading heating and cooling manufacturers, has recently announced the release of their new, sustainable refrigerant: the R-454B, trademarked as Puron Advance™. By 2023, Carrier aims to launch products using this refrigerant.