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4 Ways to Optimize Your HVAC System for Warmer Weather

An increase in utility bills is one of the most common homeowner concerns as the weather becomes warmer. Birdwell Heating and Cooling lists the ways you can optimize your heating and cooling system to help minimize its impact on your home’s energy consumption.

Don’t Skip Maintenance — Professionally-installed HVAC systems generally have an HVAC technician looking after it, complete with scheduled maintenance. Don’t skip or delay these appointments. HVAC systems are one of the most-used home systems, and therefore need to be looked after by a professional. Scheduled maintenance preempts possible problems, which could result in even bigger damage that’s costlier to repair.

Use a Fan — More than a few homeowners think that you shouldn’t use a ceiling or standalone fan if the heating and cooling system is running. But the truth is, the airflow created by a fan distributes conditioned air in the room, helping cool the room quickly and efficiently. This helps reduce the required HVAC system output, allowing you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher without making a noticeable difference in comfort levels. Fans can also be used during the winter season, as it they help distribute warm air in the same way.

Address Insulation Issues — Even the most energy-efficient HVAC system won’t do much if your home’s insulation isn’t optimized. Attic and exterior wall insulation problems should be repaired while the weather is still cool. Inefficient windows, entry doors and skylights should be replaced with energy-efficient ones. A well-insulated home prevents heat from passing through, reducing the need for the air conditioner to compensate for changes in temperature. With less required output, you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year round, and save some money on utility costs while doing so.

Consider Upgrades — Upgrading your HVAC doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace the entire system. For example, upgrading the mechanical thermostat to a programmable one can help you use your HVAC system more efficiently. It can also be used to schedule temperature changes that allow sleeping in on the weekends or automatically switching to Daylight Saving Time.

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