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4 Ideal Ways to Hide Away Your HVAC System

Heating and cooling systems are essential in today’s homes, but unfortunately they’re not always a welcome sight, especially in the main living area. If you’re a bit self-conscious of how a conspicuous HVAC unit might look to your house guests, or if it’s an eyesore that doesn’t match your interior decor, you might want to consider trying one of these clever ideas for hiding away the most visible parts of your HVAC unit:

Decorative Wall Panels

One artsy way of concealing your heating and cooling system is by using wall panels. You can choose to use a decorative wood panel or one that is made with wrought iron. Either way, it’s a different take on hiding away your AC or heating unit.

Wall-Mounted Cabinet

If you want to hide away a wall-mounted AC unit, a wall-mounted cabinet is the perfect way to do it. The doors of the cabinet will provide easy access to the controls, which is especially important if your unit isn’t controlled remotely. Plus, it will also be a good accent to any room in your house, and your guests will be none the wiser; unless, of course, you share with them the purpose behind the cabinet.

Custom Wall Art

One more way of hiding away HVAC units is by installing custom wall art on top. In fact, some HVAC unit manufacturers also offer ready-made wall art that can hide away your unit. Simply install the art over your AC or heater, and no one will ever guess that there’s actually an HVAC unit under there.

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