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One of the quickest, simplest, and most rewarding opportunities to significantly trim energy costs is through the upgrade to a WiFi thermostat. These modern controls cater to your schedule, automatically adjusting temperature to optimize both efficiency and comfort. The hardest part is determining the perfect model to suit your HVAC equipment, household, and preferences. Let the professionals from Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc. explain features, offer knowledgeable recommendations, and ensure proper installation.

Expert WiFi Thermostat Installations

Family owned and operated, we’re always looking for ways to make everyday life less of a challenge. The answer is a WiFi thermostat. With wireless connectivity, these innovations allow access through your smartphone from virtually anywhere. Not only can you check in and make adjustments, but you’ll benefit from helpful information, such as energy tracking, maintenance alerts, and notification of problems, such as extreme temperature swings.

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The features and styles of WiFi thermostats are nearly endless. From voice commands and occupancy sensors to geofencing and zone control, Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc. is happy to clarify the ins and outs and help you make a smart and satisfying decision. We familiarize you with operation and resolve any issues. To get the most out of your wifi thermostat, call on Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc. at (256) 455-3539 for swift and professional service anywhere in Rogersville, Anderson, Lexington, Killen, Athens, Florence, and Town Creek, AL.