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Variable-Speed Technology: Why Should You Care About It?

Variable-speed technology is one of the innovations that has reinvented air conditioners. Unlike its predecessors, it modulates compressor capacity, allowing the motor to slow down or speed up in response to the thermostat’s demands.

Birdwell Heating and Cooling shares some of the key benefits of buying a cooling unit equipped with variable-speed technology.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The most obvious advantage of this innovation is energy conservation. The fact that the compressor motor can adjust its output depending on the demand means less electricity waste. The same can’t be said about systems that only have on/off functionality, which operate at full capacity even when it’s unnecessary. 

Consistent Comfort

Reliable heating and air conditioning experts like Birdwell Heating and Cooling can attest that variable-speed technology provides temperature control precision. It keeps your HVAC system from turning on and off as frequently, which helps maintain your desired indoor climate for longer periods of time. If you’re sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations, this is good news for you.

Increased Reliability

In a variable-speed system, the motor control drive gets power from the utility line before sending electricity to the compressor. In this way, the drive allows the compressor to run at optimal levels at all times and remain unscathed under harmful circumstances.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

If your AC fan is always running, the variable-speed motor will continuously be circulating the air. As a result, the filter is able to remove more of the pollutants inside your house.

Decreased Humidity

Most cooling and heating repair experts agree that variable-speed technology solves problems with excessive humidity. This innovation allows your HVAC equipment to run for long periods, pulling large amounts of moisture from the air in the process.

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