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A Closer Look at IKEA® GUNRID Air-Purifying Curtains

Many people think of air pollution such as smog as something that’s only present in the outdoors. They don’t realize that the air they’re breathing in their homes is often much worse. Dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and other contaminants can get trapped indoors, which can affect their health and well-being.

While you can use air filters or other devices to keep your living space fresh and clean, they tend to be costly and space-consuming. Fortunately, IKEA® has developed the GUNRID air-purifying curtain, a simple, convenient and affordable solution to clean indoor air while saving space. Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc., your reliable source of quality cooling systems, discusses its features below:

Features of IKEA’s GUNRID Air-Purifying Curtains

GUNRID air-purifying curtains feature a mineral-based, photocatalyst coating applied to the curtains. The way they work is similar to photosynthesis in nature, except that in addition to natural light, they can also be activated by artificial light. When this textile material comes in contact with light, it breaks down typical indoor pollutants like formaldehyde and odors. 

This innovative product is still in its testing phase, but it should be available in 2020. You can order online once it rolls out.

Alternative Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As you wait for the release of IKEA’s air-purifying curtains, there are some simple things you can do to enhance your home’s indoor air quality in the meantime. Here are a few ideas:

  • Clean Your Air Conditioner. Air conditioners use filters that eliminate air impurities. However, they do accumulate dirt over time, which will not only affect your indoor air quality but also your energy usage. That said, make sure to perform AC repair and cleaning regularly.

  • Ventilate. Opening your windows or doors now and then will bring fresh, cool breezes in and let old, stagnant air out. Ventilation is especially important for areas with high humidity, like the kitchen and bathroom. However, if you live in a crowded city where the outdoor air might be unpleasant, you can opt for electric ventilators.

  • Take Advantage of Houseplants. Some houseplants, like bamboo palm and English ivy, can help get rid of the toxins present in your home, while also adding a little charm to your living space.

Keep your home healthy and comfortable all year round by turning to Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc. We offer a wide range of heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions to suit your unique requirements. Contact us at (256) 229-3009 for more information. We serve Rogersville and nearby communities in AL.