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3 Major Benefits of UV Lights in an HVAC Setup

Ultraviolet light is perceived by many to be harmful to our skin. Did you know, however, that UV light has its benefits? When integrated into your heating and cooling system, it can help improve the quality of your air at home and the efficiency of your home’s ventilation.

Birdwell Heating and Cooling outlines the three major benefits of UV lights as part of your HVAC unit.

Indoor Air Quality

Research shows that ventilation systems can play a significant role when it comes to spreading airborne pathogens in a closed area. By incorporating a source of UV-C energy in your ventilation, however, the buildup of organic material on drain pans, cooling coils and interior duct surfaces can be prevented or eliminated. This helps minimize the chances of airborne diseases through your ventilation.

HVAC System Efficiency

In the same way that UV lights can get rid of organic materials, it also improves airflow and maintains the cooling coils’ heat-transfer levels. In the long run, the inclusion of UV lights in your HVAC system minimizes the need for heating and AC repair and maintenance. 

Economic Impact

The efficiency of your system, as well as the benefits it provides to occupants, will eventually translate to cost savings. With less airborne pathogens to plague the people in your building, the fewer worries you will have when it comes to medical expenses. In the same way, if your HVAC system works efficiently, you’ll enjoy greater energy savings, less carbon footprint production and less maintenance.

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