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Puron Advance™: An Innovative, Sustainable Solution

Carrier®, one of the leading heating and cooling manufacturers, has recently announced the release of their new, sustainable refrigerant: the R-454B, trademarked as Puron Advance™. By 2023, Carrier aims to launch products using this refrigerant.

Puron Advance™: An Innovative, Sustainable Solution

As we feature Carrier products in our lineup, Birdwell Heating and Cooling offers an overview of what this new type of refrigerant means for you.


This new refrigerant type was selected by Carrier because of its low energy consumption and minimal environmental footprint. At the same time, Puron Advance improves the performance, safety and longevity of products it is used for, making it an ideal refrigerant for heating and cooling consumer products.

Carrier has “carefully studied all alternatives and chosen the most viable refrigerant with the lowest environmental impact for this product category,” according to Matthew Pine, President of Residential HVAC in Carrier. It’s definitely is a huge improvement from R-410A, as it is expected to meet the requirements of anticipated future regulations in terms of ducted residential and light commercial products.

Collaboration With The Chemours Company

Chemours is a global leader in fluorochemicals. Carrier’s collaboration with Chemours has made great strides in the development of Puron Advance. Chemours is tasked to produce and distribute this new refrigerant in North America.

The future of HVAC solutions looks bright with the introduction of Puron Advance in the horizon. With the potential of its usage, many more innovative solutions may become available to help improve the experience of consumers when it comes to comfort and ventilation.

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