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How to Take Control of the Climate in Your Garage

The garage is often one of the busiest areas of the house, especially since this is where the car and other essential tools and items frequently needed around the house are kept. You might even keep your pets in there, too. For these reasons, it only makes sense to incorporate climate control options for the garage.

Here are some ideas from your AC repair expert on how you can control the heat and cold that come into your garage.

Insulate walls, garage door and ceiling

The most important thing to do before taking any other actions in your garage is to make sure that outside weather has a minimal effect on the inside of your garage, especially during cold weather. This can be achieved by insulating the garage door, walls and ceiling.

Then, if ever you decide to install a heating or cooling system in your garage, you’ll be able to save on both energy and costs since the heated or cooled air coming from your unit will be better kept inside where it belongs.

Use stand-alone heating and cooling units

Some homeowners associations do not allow HVAC units that are visible from the outside, so installing a wall-mount or window-type AC might not be an option. However, if you’ll only be spending a minimal amount of time in your garage, you can look into buying stand-alone heating and cooling units instead. With proper insulation, you’ll be able to warm up or cool down your garage space in no time.

Include the garage in your home’s HVAC system

If you can spare the money, incorporating your garage into your HVAC system can be a good decision.  This is something that new homeowners should carefully consider when laying out the HVAC plans for the construction of a new home, because adding a climate control system in the garage after the house is built will incur additional expenses that could have been avoided by making an informed decision in the beginning.

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