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A Basic Understanding of How Dehumidifiers Work

Humidity pertains to the fixed amount of water vapor that air can hold. High levels of humidity can bring discomfort and structural damage, which is why most households that experience excessive humidity have dehumidifiers. If you live close to the equator or near a coastline, chances are you have a dehumidifier in your home. But how exactly do humidifiers work? Today’s post from heating expert Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc. sheds light on the workings of dehumidifiers.

A Basic Understanding of How Dehumidifiers Work

Basic Dehumidifier Components

Dehumidifiers pull excess moisture from the air. To do this, dehumidifiers need the following components: fan compressor, reheater, compressor cooling coils, and a reservoir.

Dehumidification Process

The fan pulls air into the dehumidifier. The air then comes into contact with the coils. In turn, the coils pull the moisture from the air using condensation. The collected moisture stays within the appliance, later on dripping into the reservoir. The dehumidifier will then reheat the air and expel it back into the room.

Some dehumidifiers use removable reservoir buckets, while some can be fitted with a hose so the water goes straight into a floor drain. The good thing is that you can also use greywater (the water in the reservoir) to water your houseplants. It’s not uncommon for homes to have both a dehumidifier and a cooling system. However, note that this setup can increase energy consumption. You may use either appliance alternately to keep your energy bills in check.

Different Dehumidifier Types

There are different types of dehumidifiers. Refrigeration variants use refrigerants such as freon to cool the air, while desiccant dehumidifiers use desiccants such as silica gel. Desiccants effectively and naturally absorb moisture. There are portable dehumidifiers for smaller areas. There are also heavy-duty types like restoration dehumidifiers, which are used for structural drying, a process used to repair severe water damage.

Dehumidifiers help maintain ideal indoor temperatures. Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc. offers excellent dehumidifiers. We also offer AC repair services. You may contact us at (256) 229-3009. We serve Rogersville, AL.