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4 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Heat Pump for Winter

A malfunctioning heat pump is the last thing you want, especially with the harsh winter weather fast approaching. Like any heating or cooling system, preventive maintenance is key to its longevity and efficiency. Regular maintenance makes an HVAC emergency less likely during the coldest season of the year.

Birdwell Heating and Cooling, your local HVAC company, shares some maintenance tips to get your heat pump up and running for winter.

Shut Off the System

Be sure to turn off the system’s power before you inspect and clean your heat pump. First, open the electrical disconnect switch to turn it off. Do the same thing on your home’s breaker box. Wait for a few minutes so that any stored electricity can dissipate.

Remove Debris

Inspect the area around the heat pump for any debris. Remove them right away to ensure your heating system’s performance. Pay attention to the condenser coils, since they are prone to accumulating dirt. Filters must be cleaned or changed once a month or as needed.

Adjust Parts of the System

Found some bent coil fins? Straighten them using a fin comb. This tool comes in various styles, from single to interchangeable heads with different comb sizes and counts. Also, see if the whole unit is level in north/south and east/west orientations.

Ensure Correct Thermostat Operation

To restore power back to the unit after cleaning and maintenance, switch the thermostat first to “off”. Put the power back on to the electrical disconnect switch and then to the breaker box. Adjust the thermostat to the right setting to begin warming your home.

Birdwell Heating and Cooling, Inc., provides the best preventive maintenance plans. When you hire us, you can be sure that your HVAC system functions properly not just in winter but all year round. We also offer AC repair, heating installation and other HVAC-related services.

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