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4 Important HVAC Terms to Remember

HVAC technicians may sometimes appear intimidating, especially if they are using technical terms that you don’t understand. To avoid misunderstanding, expand your vocabulary by learning some HVAC terms that your heating and cooling system specialists often use.

Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc. shares four important HVAC terms to remember.


This refers to the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rating, which determines the types of particles air filters can catch and remove. MERV ratings also help you decide which air filters suit your home. Remember that the higher the rating, the more efficient an air filter is. Filters with MERV 13 to 16, for instance, are the most efficient home filters and are great for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

2. Compressor

Most heating and cooling system’s compressors appear as a black box that sits inside the condenser. They come in two variants: the piston and scroll. The first type of compressor uses pistons attached to a motor-driven crankshaft to draw in and compress the refrigerant. Scroll compressors, on the other hand, have an orbiting scroll on a crankshaft to suck in the vaporized refrigerant. It’s then pushed into a stationary scroll.

3. Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. They utilize electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space. They also generate heat from air, water, or ground outside your home and concentrate it for use inside.

4. Register

Your HVAC system’s register covers the inlets and outlets of your ductwork. It also has louvers or screens that allow air to pass.

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