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What You Need to Know About the ENERGY STAR® Label

Summer’s intense heat can cause your energy bills to rise in an effort to maintain your home’s comfort levels. Having an inefficient cooling system can only make this worse, so it’s best to consider a replacement. The ENERGY STAR® label is the first thing you should look for when investing in a new cooling system. While all your options may look the same, this label is the one thing that makes a big difference. Birdwell Heating & Cooling explains what you need to know: 

What You Need to Know About the ENERGY STAR® Label

What is the ENERGY STAR Label? 

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that is designed to determine and promote energy-efficient products. This helps homeowners and businesses use energy wisely as well as help make the environment better. This label has helped save more than $362 billion on utility costs and lessened greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2.4 billion metric tons. This makes it the most successful voluntary energy efficiency movement in history.

What Are Its Benefits?

One of the best benefits of investing in an ENERGY STAR-certified product is their tangible effects. These are guaranteed to deliver high energy efficiency without affecting your energy expenses that much. At Birdwell Heating and Cooling, we offer heating and cooling systems that can help create a comfortable environment for your home.

Additionally, since ENERGY STAR products reduce your energy use, choosing them over standard options helps lessen carbon emissions in the environment. On average, an ENERGY STAR-certified household can minimize the release of greenhouse gas that’s equivalent to the amount produced by up to 450,000 vehicles.

To learn more about the ENERGY STAR label or its benefits for your home, turn to Birdwell Heating & Cooling. Aside from quality HVAC systems, we also offer cooling and heating repair services. Call us at (256) 247-3088 to speak to our experts today. We serve Athens, Rogersville, and nearby AL communities.