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The Top 4 Most Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems

You have your air conditioning system to thank for the ideal temperature in your house. But, as it works tirelessly to provide you with the most comfort, your air conditioner is bound to encounter some problems. In today’s post, heating and cooling company, Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc., talks about the four most common air conditioning unit problems and how to fix them.

The Top 4 Most Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems

1. Dirty Filters

Clogged filters prevent the normal flow of air from passing through, resulting in a hampered AC system. Some filters need to be replaced every few months or so, while others are reusable and only require cleaning when they get dirty. In any case, consult your manufacturer regarding filter maintenance so you know the best steps to take.

Regularly replacing your filters can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 5-15%.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant, also known as freon, plays a vital role in various cooling technologies. This compound is typically found in liquid form as well as in air conditioning systems. When your AC unit is low on refrigerant, it is always due to two things: either the amount provided during installation did not match the manufacturer’s specification, or your unit has a refrigerant leak. Simply adding refrigerant won’t work.

Note that freon leaks can be harmful to the environment, so it’s best to contact a professional for the job.

3. Sensor Issues

Your room air conditioning unit relies on temperature sensors to function properly. The thermostat sensor is located at the back of the control panel, near the evaporator coil. The sensor should not touch the coil. You may reposition the sensor by bending the wire that keeps it in place.

4. Faulty Wiring

Frequently switching your AC unit on and off can take its toll on the compressor and fan controls. An overworked air conditioning system can result in wire corrosion and other electrical problems. Call a professional when these problems arise.

The average American household uses 6% of their total energy consumption for cooling alone. Avoid throwing money out your windows by investing in an energy-efficient air conditioning unit and hiring a reputable HVAC company. Turn to Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc. for all your air conditioning needs. We also provide heating repair services. You may contact us at (256) 229-3009. We serve Athens and Rogersville, AL.