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The Heat Pump: An Energy-Efficient Heating System

Many homeowners often prefer either gas or electric heating to warm their indoors. However, there is one heating system considered to be more efficient than the two. It is called the heat pump, which is deemed an alternative because of its smart use of energy.

The Heat Pump: An Energy-Efficient Heating System

Birdwell Heating and Cooling Inc., your local experts in AC repair and other HVAC services, discuss everything about the heat pump.

Works Like a Refrigerator

A heat pump and a traditional electric heating system have one thing in common: both utilize electricity. However, the similarities stop there. The energy-efficient alternative, unlike electrically heated coils, follows the same principles as the refrigerator in transferring heat from one space to another.

In essence, the heat pump works by absorbing outdoor heat, passing it through the refrigerant and then through the compressor until it makes its way indoors. This process happens during the heating season. During cooling season, heat from your cool indoors gets transferred outdoors. In a way, it eliminates the need for a separate heating and cooling system.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the heat pump system involves a variety of sources used to collect heat. The most common utilizes air, as demonstrated above. The process of moving heat reduces electricity used for heating the home by around half compared to furnaces and other heating systems.

The other type of heat pump transfers heat between your indoors and either the ground or a water source. It is called a geothermal heat pump, and while it may cost more to install and involve certain requirements, it can provide you with higher and better energy efficiency.

The heat pump may be efficient, but there are a lot of things you can do to get the most of this HVAC system. Call a certified HVAC technician for preventive maintenance. That way, you ensure the system’s long-term performance and continue to enjoy comfort and savings.

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