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Consider These Tips When Setting Up Your Thermostat for Winter

While we’re right in the middle of winter, there are many things in your house that you would probably need to set up for the changes in temperature. The most important thing that you need to monitor is your house’s heating thermostat.

Consider These Tips When Setting Up Your Thermostat for Winter

To maximize the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system, Birdwell Heating and Cooling cites some important things to consider.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption

A number of smart devices on the market make it easier for users to keep track of their energy consumption at home. Heating uses up more energy than cooling, so before winter’s over, make sure that you constantly keep track of how much energy your heating consumes daily. In the same way, keep track of your family’s activities, times when you’re all at home and times when everyone is outside the house. This way, you can easily identify how you can adjust your thermostat for lower energy consumption.

Manage Your Home’s Air Quality

Another thing to consider in making the most out of your thermostat setting is by improving the indoor air quality in your home. Since you won’t be able to keep doors or windows open during winter, make sure you’re keeping tabs on your heating and AC repair schedules. Also, keep your house clean, change your air filters, check your house for leaks and keep track of the humidity in your home.

Set an Efficient Heating Schedule

Heating up your house will surely eat up a big chunk of your total energy usage. This is why it’s important to plan when and when not to use your heater. When the whole family is at home, an ideal thermostat setting in the day time is between 68 to 70 °F to keep everyone warm and comfortable. At night and when everyone is asleep, you can set your thermostat down to around 58 to 62 °F.

By scheduling your thermostat changes, you’ll save more energy and maximize the use of your HVAC unit. For more pro tips on setting up your thermostat for winter or to look at our heating and cooling system products, contact us at (256) 229-3009 today. Birdwell Heating and Cooling serves homeowners in Rogersville, AL.