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A Handy HVAC Maintenance Guide

Welcome to the blog of Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc! Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the latest news, trends, products, services and tips related to the HVAC industry. At Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc, it’s our goal to help you understand how to maintain a high-performing heating and cooling system in your home throughout the changing seasons. If you’re currently considering an HVAC upgrade or need help with system problems, let this blog be your primary resource.

A Handy HVAC Maintenance Guide

About Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc

As one of the leading and most-trusted HVAC contractors in the region, Birdwell Heating & Cooling Inc is committed to providing top-quality residential HVAC products and services. Since 1984, thousands of local residents have entrusted their heating and cooling needs to us, knowing we always provide efficient, thorough and flawless services. In fact, our unwavering dedication to first-class craftsmanship has earned us prestigious certifications from well-respected organizations and manufacturers, including Carrier®, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Your Summer HVAC Maintenance Guide

During the summer, extreme heat can wreak havoc on various parts of your home, especially straining your cooling system. To ensure your system delivers top performance in the most efficient way possible, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Make sure none of the return air grilles or registers in your home are shut closed or blocked. These vents are responsible for maintaining proper and consistent airflow within your home.
  • Are there unused areas in your house? Consider setting up a zoning system to help minimize energy wastage, enabling your HVAC system to function more efficiently.
  • Check your exterior cooling system regularly, trimming grass clippings or vegetation and brushing away debris that may have gathered around the unit.
  • Don’t place carpets, rugs, furniture or any other items near your vents, and always keep the vent louvers open. To enjoy ample ventilation without wasting cooling energy in unused areas of your home, never close more than 20% of your HVAC vents.
  • Assess the drip pan of your cooling system and condensate drain lines for blockages. If water is backed up, take immediate action. Use a wet/dry vacuum or rags to remove water from drip pans, cleaning them afterward with mild soap. You can also keep condensate drain lines clear using wet/dry vacuums.

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